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Mission Statement

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for all residents in the City of Holly Springs through a responsive,efficient, and effective delivery of services to every neighborhood and business by reflecting a CAN-DO attitude. We pledge to maintain the maintenance of the streets and sidewalks; the flow of fresh water through our underground drainage collection system; the upkeep of all at the buildings and grounds including the Hill Crest Cemetery; A vehicle maintenance program for City-owned vehicles; and the control of litter on the city right of way.

City of Holly Springs Litter Management Plan

This Litter Management Plan is presented by City of Holly Springs Board of Aldermen for the three year period of 2017 to 2020. Holly Springs is located in Marshall County with over 8,000 residents calling the city “home” and many living outside in the county commute to the city for work and education each day. The City of Holly Springs’ mission statement is to deliver quality, affordable services that ensure the health, safety, and well-being of citizens, while collaborating throughout the community to ensure its economic, social and environmental vitality. The City partners with our community, in planning for the future while preserving, protecting, and enhancing the quality of life, consistent with our history, culture and unique character. The city values responsiveness, cleanliness, accountability, open and clear communication, innovation and inclusiveness. Keeping it clean in Holly Springs is the main focus of this plan.

The city decided to consult with members of the public and other interested parties in developing a litter plan. Individuals, residents, city departments, community groups, politicians, and businesses were called upon to give thoughts and suggestions to litter issues in the city. The result is an accurate and useful plan, which will help to keep the streets of Holly Springs clean, as we look forward to economic growth and stability. The plan sets out objectives for preventing and managing litter and how the City of Holly Springs plans to achieve these objectives, through the use of resources to deliver a cleaner, greener City for all. The main objectives of the plan are to reduce litter by working with our citizens and officials in both the city and county to make the city a welcoming environment for all who visit, live and work in the city, communicate the litter prevention message throughout the city, ensure that there is effective and efficient street cleansing operation in place throughout the city and use all available enforcement options under the Litter Pollution Acts of 1997 – present to prosecute litter offenders whenever possible.

This study recommends the following:
1. Invest in more litter receptacles throughout the city.
2. Adopt an Anti-littering message, such as “Team Up to Clean Up”, and logo to be placed on the bins.
3. Educate and inform our citizens about the part they can play in keeping the city and county clean. We must get our schools involved. Appoint litter wardens to go into our schools to educate (which might include using animated characters to get children to relate and understand the importance of not littering. Ask our schools to hang banners inside regarding picking up litter.
4. Utilize Social media as an important resource in building relationships with the public, such as face book, twitter and instagram. These sources can be used to provide excellent platforms for communication with our local citizens.
5. Conduct Community Pride Days throughout the year. Organizations, churches, businesses, and individuals should be encouraged to adopt-a-street or roads.
6. Invest in more signs to be placed throughout the city and county, especially on corners.
Showcase catchy slogans on government vehicles and on safety vests of employees.
7. Use the city website, Tourism Bureau, Chamber of Commerce and Main Street to educate our citizens on the importance of a beautiful city and county.
8. Involve local and state officials, businesses and all city and county departments in enforcing this plan,.
9. Get the police involved more with issuing litter fines. Possibly use the second chance program as a way to combat the litter problem.
10. Invest in better equipment for street cleansing.
11. Provide recognition to organizations and individuals for keeping the city and county clean.
12. Involve our local food restaurants by asking them to pass out small trash bags.
13. Develop brochures, newspaper ads and articles, and radio broadcasts to get the community involved.
14. Look into utilizing a customer relationship system (CRM). This system will capture feedback and complaints relating to litter management throughout the city and county. CRM will allow communication with crews or litter wardens to address litter issues.

The actions outlined in this plan will be reviewed against the metrics and timeframe targets, such as the number of litter fines issued per year and the number of litter fines paid per year. Also, this plan will look at the number of calls to the litter hotline, performance in annual litter surveys, number of hits on social media, and the number of litter wardens to name a few. A progress report will be prepared on an annual basis with status and findings for presentation to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen. Also, general statistics on litter management and CRM data will be collected and collated for measuring the success of the plan

Litter Plan developed by Mr. Larry Miller and Ms. Belinda Sims Hollowell
Adoption Date: February 7, 2017