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Holly Springs Fire Department – MISSION STATEMENT

The City of Holly Spring Fire Department a public safety agency dedicated to protecting life, property and the environment through professionalism, integrity and efficiency.

The Holly Springs Fire Department is committed to exemplary customer service and will be a leader in fire protection and emergency services through continuous improvement, innovation and the most efficient and responsible use of resources.

HSFD provides training and professional development of its veteran firefighters and new trainees to meet the professional public safety standards of today. The department also provides development and administration of in-service training programs and drills, a driver improvement program, a physical exercise weight program, and testing/training of new fire equipment and procedures.

Holly Springs Fire Department

The Holly Springs Fire Department has in adoption the 2012 International Fire Code(IFC) and abides by that code as adopted by the Authority having Jurisdiction.

New Building constructionwill conform to this code, 2012 International Fire Code and the fire department official will conduct a plain review for all new construction along with a plain review fee. As per the 2012 International Fire Code Chapter 1, Section 105, 105.4 – 105.4.6 Construction Documents, must be supplied to conduct a plan review. Please submit 2 complete sets of plans (24”x 32” or larger) and these documents shall be prepared by a registered design professional where required by the statutes of the jurisdiction in which the project is to be constructed.

New Construction

Fire Department plan review fee:  ½ the building permit fee (Building permit fee is calculated by the building department) Includes plan review of building plans and final onsite inspection.

Note:*if sprinkler plans, alarm plans, and suppression plans are turned in at the same time as the building plans there are no additional fees.

Fire prevention systems fees: $75.00

                  Fire sprinklers – (Plan review, overhead, and acceptance test)

                  Fire Alarm – (Plan review, overhead, and acceptance test)

                  Fire Suppression – (Plan review, smoke inspection, and acceptance test)

Existing Building will also conform and be inspected by this code. 2012 International Fire Code

For the Holly Springs Fire Department to complete and sign off on an existing building use and occupancy there are some items that must be completed. These are some of the areas that will have to comply with the existing building code and depending on the type of occupancy others items may be checked and required.

  1. The building occupancy must meet the required occupancy section of the code book and its requirements.
  2. All fire extinguisher must be in date and tagged by a credible inspection company, and be the appropriate size. Fire extinguishers that are not inspected or tagged and are not set to the correct size and travel distant will not pass inspection.
  3. Egress exit lighting and emergence lighting must be installed and in working order at all exit door ways or within exit hall ways.
  4. All business must have a Knox Box installed on the outside of the building next to the primary entrance to hold the building keys to all locked locations. As per the 2012 International Fire Code Chapter 5, Section 506 Key Boxes. This box can be purchased online at and entering the department name of Holly Springs.
  5. All buildings must have their correct 911 address posted in a visible location on the building as well as any other approved location. Numbers on the building should be a minimum of 4-inchs and reflective plus visible for the street right away.
  6. Some buildings having certain occupancy types will require an addressable fire alarm system with manual pull stations where other many be able to get by with hardwired smoke detectors with battery backup. This will be the decision of the Inspector that has the Authority to make these decisions for the AHJ.

There will be a $25.00 fee payable to the Holly Springs Fire Department on Use & Occupancy inspections (Only on existing buildings). If there is more than one inspection because of issues not being completed there will be a $25.00 fee for each inspection required payable to the Holly Springs Fire Department. Each fee must be paid in full before the inspection will take place.

Chief Of Fire Department

Rodney Crane